Do THIS Before Bed And Say Good Bye To Ugly Moles & Skin Tags

Bothered By Ugly Moles or Skin Tags?

How would you like to get rid of every unwanted mole or skin tag on your face or body in the next few days?!

Imagine applying a simple DIY remedy to your mole or skin tag and the next day it's falling off!

Most people believe that surgery is the only way to remove moles and skin tags.

Now, one skin care expert says that’s nothing but old news.

According to Andrea Duvall — a go to expert in the field of modern skin care — surgery is an outdated, somewhat barbaric method of mole and skin tag removal.

"You pay a deep price to remove your moles and skin tags with a scalpel. Not just what you pay out of pocket, but the large surgical scars patients can be left with often upset them more than the original blemish.” Duvall said in a recent interview.

But she didn’t always feel this way...

So when approached by a botox patient about using an at home mole and skin tag remover; Andrea insisted that surgery was the only known way to removing these embarrassing blemishes.

Her patient said she didn’t want to shell out the $500 it would cost to remove her moles and skin tags.

She also had a mole surgically removed a few years prior and was left with a scar she hated more than the mole itself. She wasn’t willing to take that chance again, so she decided against Andrea's advice and use the home remedy instead.

3 months later when this patient came back for her next botox appointment, Andrea was blown away.

All the moles and skin tags this patient had were gone. And hardly a mark was left to show they ever existed. Her patient was beaming!

“Can you believe this?! They are all gone!!” she said. “Look, I have a few light spots where some of the moles were, but no scars!”

“And the skin tags are gone without any trace!”

“How long did this take?” Andrea asked puzzled.

“Well the skin tags took about 3 days to dry up and then they just fell off!” Her patient said.

“The moles dried and formed a type of scab overnight. Then, I simply applied Neosporin and a bandaid and waited for them to heal.”

“In total I’d say in 3 weeks they were healed and I was left with a few pink spots. But over time they faded and became a more natural skin tone!”*

Andrea was shocked. She insisted she learn more about this product and after seeing the results from this particular patient and doing some research, she was convinced she found a new, cheaper alternative to offer her other patients.

Now, she recommends this simple DIY formula to all her patients with benign moles or skin tags INSTEAD of surgery.

“To have an alternative to moles and skin tags is ground breaking. It’s similar to botox disrupting the face lift industry. Cosmetic surgery is on a down trend because there are so many knife free alternatives available.”

According to recent studies, these blemishes can effect your self esteem, as well as be early warning signs for diabetes and high cholesterol. So don't take moles and skin tags lightly!

And when her real-life patients started using this little-known method out, the results were astounding.

"Not only has this herbal remedy removed their moles and skin tags, it has also improved their self esteem. Which is why I love the business I’m in, I am changing people’s lives by helping them look and feel better about themselves.”

One of her patients recently said. “It's the first thing I have tried at home that I've had such good results, and in such a short time. So happy I didn't need to see the doc about this!”*

Now, you can learn about this natural method for yourself...

If you want to remove every unwanted mole or skin tag on your body, click here now!

While the effects of this “skin trick” may vary from person to person, Andrea advises everyone give this method a try before considering surgery.

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