Testimonial & Claims Disclaimer

Testimonial & Claims Disclaimer

Testimonial Disclaimer

  • All product reviews, testimonials and results featured on this website apply only to the individuals depicted and should not be considered typical or representative of what any other user might experience. Results may vary on an individual basis. There is no guarantee of specific results. Results were self-reported by individuals and therefore cannot be confirmed.
  • All testimonials reflect the real-life experiences of individuals who have used Haloderm® or its preceding versions. They are the sole opinions, findings or experiences of the users alone. Some individuals were paid or remunerated for supplying testimonials or other feedback featured on this website. Haloderm Inc.  has not influenced or guided the wording of them in any way.
  • The reviews and testimonials displayed are given verbatim except for grammatical or typing error corrections. Some testimonials may have been shortened in cases where the original testimonial included extraneous information of no perceived relevance to the general public.
  • Some testimonials were solicited and some were unsolicited.
  • There is no guarantee of specific results. However, Haloderm LLC does offer that if within 1 year, you use Haloderm® and do not experience satisfactory results, or if you are unhappy with the product you purchased, Haloderm Inc will refund your money in full. Please see our Refund Policy for more details.


Claims Disclaimer

  • None of the results described on this website is intended, nor should they be interpreted, as a claim or guarantee of specific results. These results may not be typical or representative of what any given user might experience. Individual results may vary based on a range of factors.
  • No information or content on this website is in any way a claim that the products or services mentioned are guaranteed to treat, cure, mitigate or prevent migraines, headaches or any other illness or disease, or to have permanent or lasting results in any way.
  • You should assume that any results shown in testimonials, advertisements, stories, blog posts, articles, forums or anywhere else on this site or our associated websites are neither typical or representative of what any other user might experience.

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